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Global Police Arrest 65 in Multimillion-Dollar BEC Bust

Global law enforcement is celebrating a huge victory after disrupting a massive business email compromise hacking gang thought to have targeted hundreds of victim organizations over the past few years. The US Department of Justice and international law enforcement partners carried out Operation Eagle Sweep, a name referring to the takedown of the hacking gang, over a three-month period. Starting in September 2021, the operation has resulted in the arrests of 65 suspects, including twelve in Nigeria, eight in South Africa, two in Canada, and one in Cambodia.

Operation Eagle Sweep targeted BEC scammers law enforcement believed to be responsible for targeting roughly 500 US victims and causing losses totaling $51 million. Some of the arrests were made within the US, and the perpetrators were thought to be involved in an attack on a Puerto Rico based renewable energy supplier. Many of the US arrests occurred in Houston, Texas.

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