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Russia Relies Increasingly on Missiles, Artillery to Pressure Ukraine

Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine has reportedly shifted to compel Ukraine to relinquish claims to just its southern and eastern territories. As Russian attacks strike Kyiv, Odessa, and other locations across the country, Russia issued a demand to surrender the embattled city of Mariupol, a port city, where intense fighting has occurred over the past several days. The demand was reportedly rebuffed by Ukraine and Russia’s civilian bombings continue. What started as a war against military targets has quickly devolved into a war of attrition aimed at pressuring the government into granting concessions and bending to Moscow’s demands.

The tactical shift has aligned with a series of meetings that are set to occur this week in Europe between allies and partners in NATO, the G-7, and the European Union. The meetings will likely discuss deterrence efforts, humanitarian relief, and the campaign of sanctions against Russia that have prompted cyber-retaliation. On Monday, Russia’s foreign ministry warned that relations between Moscow and Washington were on the verge of breakdown. However, the Biden administration has expressed that it remains committed to maintaining lines of communication with Moscow despite the extreme tensions. The heavy artillery and missile pressure will likely remain key to Russia’s attack against the country and its negotiations as they pertain to succeeding certain cities or regions.

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