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Russian Hackers Allegedly Compromise Ukrainian News Sites, Displaying ‘Z’ Symbol

Ukrainian news websites were hacked by Russian threat actors over the past week. The Russian hackers allegedly left the ‘Z’ symbol on display at the hacked sites. The State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection ofUkraine, the nation’s technical security and intelligence service confirmed the attacks in a post made last week. In addition, the agency also attributed blame for the news site attacks to Russian state-sponsored actors. The government agency has since identified all networks and servers accessed. The hackers were allegedly compromising ad services to display the Z symbol. meaning that no personal data located on the sites was accessed.

The Ukrainian government is still working to identify the perpetrators. The letter Z has become a prominent symbol since Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, and has been painted on military vehicles for the past three weeks. It appears to be adopted as a sign of Russian Nationalism or support for Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.

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