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Hackers Hit Rosneft

Moscow-based energy company Rosneft has been hit by a cyberattack, however, the attack was conducted against a German subsidiary. The cyberattack compromised the location’s computer network, according to reports from German Newspaper die Welt on Sunday. Germany’s cybersecurity watchdog BSI was able to confirm the breach and offered its assistance to Rosneft in restoring its systems. In addition, BSI stated that the attack likely occurred late Friday night or early Saturday morning. As a result of the attack, the Federal Cyber Security Authority has released a warning to other energy companies to remain alert to the threat of cyberattacks.

Rosneft allegedly reported the cyberattack to the Berlin State Criminal Police on Saturday. The paper stated that a spokesperson in the office confirmed that the attack will be investigated by the police. Rosneft’s systems were impacted by the attack, however, the company’s ability to supply energy to its customers was not disrupted. It remains unclear who was behind the attack, but some security sources believe that Anonymous was responsible after the group uploaded a message to its site claiming responsibility. Anonymous claimed to have caused extensive damage, capturing 20TB of data.

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