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Israeli Government Websites Taken Offline in Large-Scale Cyber-Attack

Yesterday, Israeli government websites were taken offline in one of the largest cyberattacks ever launched against the country. The attack was in the form of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that successfully took down the websites of Israeli’s Prime Minister’s Office and its interior, health, justice, and welfare ministries. Since the attack, it appears that all of the websites are up and running again. The Israeli National Cyber Directorate released a statement to its official Twitter account confirming the attack and the subsequent unavailability of the government websites.

The Israeli government declared a state of emergency to investigate the extent of the damage caused and determine whether some of its critical infrastructure services were affected. Israeli media outlet Haaretz reported that the DDoS attack targeted all websites operating with the domain, which excludes defense-related ones. Israeli sources believe that the attack was perpetrated by a nation-state actor or large organization, however, it remains unclear which entity.

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