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Ukraine crisis: US warns China against helping Russia

The US has warned China that they will face consequences if they help Russia evade sanctions due to the invasion of Ukraine. It was reported by unnamed US officials to news outlets that Russia asked China to provide military assistance in the invasion. The foreign ministry of China did not address the allegation directly but accused the US of spreading misinformation. There have been media outlets reporting that Russia has asked China specifically for military equipment, including drones. 

The US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated that there will be consequences for sanction evasion efforts or support to Russia to backfill them by China. A spokesman for the foreign ministry in Beijing called the statements that Russia asked for assistance “fake news” and said that China is only playing a constructive role in promoting peace talks. Jake Sullivan will meet a member of China’s decision making body, the Politburo, on Monday in Rome. China has so far refrained from condemning Russia for the invasion and abstained from the UN General Assembly vote to condemn the invasion. Beijing has also expressed support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and called for peace and diplomacy.

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