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Over 500,000 Patients Hit by Data Breaches at Healthcare Firms in Alabama, Colorado

Over half a million individuals had their information compromised in cybersecurity breaches on three healthcare service providers in Alabama and Colorado. The most recent and most impactful of the attacks was against South Denver Cardiology Associates and leaked the data of over 287,000 patients. The attack was discovered on January 4 and discovered that an outside party had access to the systems on its network between January 2 and January 5. 

The data compromised may include names, birthdays, driver’s license numbers, Social Security Numbers and other personal information, excluding medical records. The firm notified impacted individuals last week but did not mention if ransomware was present in the attack. Norwood Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama also suffered a data breach on September 20, 2021 and discovered it on October 22. Over 228,000 patients were likely impacted by the data breach that compromised identification information and certain medical information. The specific type of information compromised was not confirmed, therefore all patients have been notified. 

Montrose Regional Health, based in Colorado, is the third healthcare service to disclose a data breach in the past few weeks. Over 52,000 individuals were impacted by access to email accounts of certain employees between August 2 and October 26, 2021. The company has notified individuals impacted and reset account passwords.

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