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Google to Buy Mandiant, Aims to Automate Security Response

Google has announced it wants to buy an incident response firm, Mandiant, for $5.4bn. Google is hoping to expand its portfolio of cybersecurity resources with Mandiant, who is known for their IR investigations. Mandiant responded to the 2009 Aurora attacks which compromised hundreds of companies, including Google.

This acquisition will give Google access to more real-time threat intelligence and will integrate these services into the Google Cloud Platform. It will also increase Google’s revenue from cybersecurity services and Google will benefit from Mandiant’s plans to automate security detection and response services. Mandiant will still support its customers and work with companies that are not Google customers after the acquisition. There is expected to be a halo effect after the acquisition that will benefit all companies as Mandiant will improve Google’s security and customers will be able to benefit from the expertise and data from its services.

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