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Denmark opens its arms to Ukrainians, while trying to send Syrian refugees home

Denmark was the first liberal democracy to tell Syrian refugees to return home in 2019 while Russian jets were still dropping missiles in Syria. Ukraine is facing the same Russian military and the war has caused 2.2 million people to flee to neighboring countries. These Ukrainian refugees, unlike the Syrian refugees, are being welcomed with open arms by European nations such as Denmark. 

The Danish government is drafting legislation that will suspend asylum rules for Ukrainians, this will make it easier for them to receive residency permits, begin school and/or jobs. The European Union also granted temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees and is allowing them to enter the bloc without a visa and they can choose which country in the EU they want to go to. Despite the Danish government’s acceptance of Ukrainian refugees, they are currently urging Syrian refugees from Damascus to return there, despite an ongoing civil war and brutal reputation of the regime. In a statement to CNN, the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration Affair said all refugees were treated the same.

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