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Car Dealership Employees Begin Legal Case Following Breach

Hayes Connor, a UK law firm representing individuals impacted by a data breach against LSH Auto, announced today that over 100 current and former employees are beginning legal proceedings against the company. According to Hayes Connor, the individuals were contacted roughly six months ago and informed that a “serious incident” had taken place. Between that date and now, the individuals have not gotten answers from the leading luxury car dealership. The initial letter revealed few details, but did confirm that LSH Auto suffered from a cyberattack on June 3, 2021, that may have resulted in unauthorized access to personal data. In addition, the letter stated that an “unknown and unauthorized” individual was responsible for the attack.

The letter sparked concerns among current and former employees who may have been affected by the breach. The employees did not know what data was accessed, by whom, or what may have happened to it. Hayes Connor is pursuing a case by arguing that the clients have a right to know information being withheld by LSH Auto. For example, many are concerned that the stolen data could contain financial information or National Insurance numbers.

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