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Russia Leaks Data From a Thousand Cuts–Podcast

Information about Russian military operations, air force capabilities, nuclear plants, and ransomware gangs has emerged on the internet. Now that Russia and Ukraine are engaging in physical conflicts, Russia’s cyber sphere has become a war zone itself. Vinny Troia, founder of ShadowByte, states that the world has been primarily focused on threats emerging from Russia but meanwhile, much of the world has been hacking Russia. The attacks have resulted in data pertaining to numerous aspects of both Russia and other countries implicated in certain schemes being exposed. ShadowByte is a dark web threat intelligence and cyber fraud investigations firm.

Troia is an expert on dark web intelligence and has been combing through the data that has been practically flooding out of the country. Troia states that the data is shared onto Twitter, Telegram, and by ContiLeaks, an organization that is supporting Ukraine. The ongoing dump has included TrickBot and Conti source code. The Conti gang allegedly shut down its Jabber servers on Wednesday of last week, says Troia. The massive amount of data theft will likely continue alongside the physical conflict in the former Soviet country.

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