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Ukraine: Russian troops take control of key city of Kherson – mayor

A key port city in southern Ukraine has been seized by Russian forces. Kherson is the first major city to be taken by Russia since it invaded a week ago. Igor Kolykhaev, the mayor, said troops forced their way into the city council building and placed a curfew on residents of the city. 

Several cities have been under intense shelling and Wednesday was one of the most destructive days. Russia has admitted to taking heavy military casualties with 498 troops killed and 1,597 injured. However, Ukraine says Russia’s losses are in the thousands. Over 2,000 civilians have died in Ukraine since the invasion and over a million people have fled the country. Mr Kolykhaev urged Russian troops to not shoot at civilians and stated that there were no Ukrainian troops in the city. The residents of Kherson must abide by a strict curfew from 20:00 to 06:00, go out in groups of two at most, and only cars carrying food, medicine or supplies can enter the city.

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