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Nvidia Admits Hackers Stole Employee and Internal Data

Nvidia, a US chip giant, has confirmed that it suffered from an apparent ransomware attack on its networks. Nvidia stated that it appears some internal data was stolen after originally making few statements on the attack. Last week, Nvidia claimed that its business and commercial activities were uninterrupted. After investigating the attack with the help of cybersecurity experts and law enforcement, Nvidia found that internal data was accessed. The company stated that there is no evidence that ransomware was deployed on the Nvidia environment, nor that the attack is related to the current Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Nvidia stated that it is likely the threat actor stole employee credentials and proprietary information from its systems. This was made apparent when the threat actor in question, Lapsus ransomware gang, began leaking small portions of the data on its leak-site. Lapsus claims to have stolen 1TB of Nvidia data pertaining to chipset files, graphics, and other product information. Lapsus has threatened to leak information on the company’s Lite Hash Rate technology, a feature introduced to graphics cards in order to limit their use in cryptocurrency mining.

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