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NATO cybersecurity center finishes tests of quantum-proof network

The NATO Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has completed its test run of secure communication flows on a quantum-proof network that could withstand attackers using the technology. The NCSC stated that it is becoming increasingly important to stay alert of current and projected threats, prompting the tests. The trial began in March 2021, and was recently completed as quantum computing is becoming more practical and affordable. This means that attackers may begin adopting the technology to advance their attacks.

The NCSC is tasked with protecting NATO networks, and the project was financed by the Allied Command Transformation’s VISTA framework. The NCSC worked with a UK-based company Post-Quantum to conduct the test, a company that provides organizations with algorithms that ensure security even if attackers are leveraging quantum computing. Post-Quantum uses VPN algorithms to secure communications and make sure that only the correct recipient can read the data.

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