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Toyota to Close Japan Plants After Suspected Cyberattack

Toyota has announced plans to close 14 different plants across Japan following a suspected cyberattack against one of the company’s parts suppliers. The company will shut down roughly one third of its global production today. Toyota has not commented on how long the plants will be shut down, but its output will shrink by around 13,000 cars as a result. Japan also reportedly joined Western allies in blocking some Russian banks from accessing the SWIFT international payment system. In addition, the country will give Ukraine $100 million in emergency aid to help combat the effects of the crisis on citizens. Within hours of the reports, Toyota’s Kojima Industries Corp. supplier was allegedly hit by the cyberattack.

Kojima is located in Japan and supplies plastic parts and electronic components. However, the attack has not yet been confirmed by Toyota. Instead, the company has referred to the incident as a supply system failure. The shutdown will affect additional plants operated by Hino Motors and Daihatsu, two Toyota affiliates.

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