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Ukraine conflict: Kyiv braces for Russian assault

Russian tanks have been filmed entering Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, for the first time. The city was hit by blasts overnight with at least one block of flats damaged and civilians injured. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence called on residents to make fire bombs to neutralise the enemy. A plane was shot down over Kyiv, with disputes over if it was Ukrainian or Russian. 

The second day of fighting had Kyiv firmly in Russia’s sights. The Antonov airport was captured on Friday afternoon using 200 helicopters and landing force to take the air base north of Kyiv. It has been warned that Russia is building a force to take control of Kyiv. Citizens in the northern Obolon district have been instructed to avoid active military operations and to stay home. The district residents have been encouraged to inform the Ministry of Defense on troop movements. President Zelensky has vowed to stay in Kyiv and fight the attacks across Ukraine. 

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