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Ukrainian DDoS Attacks Should Put US on Notice

On Tuesday, Ukraine’s military and economy sectors were hit by denial-of-service attacks. The institutions involved suffered limited impact, however, the ramifications of the attack could be severe. The attacks sparked a series of headlines around the world, despite their restricted scope. Cybersecurity researchers stated that the implications of the attacks for critical infrastructure beyond Ukraine are worth noting, and that institutions in the US should remain wary of the threat of these kinds of attacks. The institutions targeted are core entities to Ukraine, and include the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense, and the country’s largest commercial bank.

Researchers at CrowdStrike stated that the attacks consisted of a large volume of traffic nearly three times the magnitude of regularly observed traffic. In addition, the vast majority of the traffic consisted of HTTPs requests. The DoS attack ensured that end users lost access to their websites, bank accounts, and other services for a period of time while the attack was underway. As a result, some customer found that they were unable to access the company’s app while others saw that their bank account balances did not reflect recent transactions. Although the attackers did not disrupt the integrity of any data during the attack, the availability of websites and services were impacted.

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