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Researchers Block “Largest Ever” Bot Attack

Security researchers have allegedly stopped the largest bot attack in history, leveraging 400,000 compromised IP addresses to scrape web data. The massive botnet generated 400 million requests from the IP addresses over four days, resulting in the compromise of roughly 10 requests per IP per hour, on average. Imperva stated that its mitigation service detected the 30 times increase in traffic volume to the impacted site and was able to effectively mitigate the attack. The attack was designed to harvest job seekers’ profiles from the site, and Imperva boasts a presence in six countries.

Web scraping is considered to be an automated threat that collects accessible data and treads a fine line between business intelligence and violating data privacy policies. Web scraping remains one of the most widely used automated attack methods affecting organizations across the world. Its implications can vary, and include skewed marketing analytics, decreases in SEO ranking, website latency, lower conversion rates, and in aggressive scrapers, downtime.

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