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U.S.-Canada Bridge Reopens After Police Clear Protest

On Sunday, commercial passenger traffic resumed on the bridge connecting Detroit and the Canadian city of Ontario after a week of protests that halted all traffic over the bridge. A group of truckers banded together to fight against Covid-19 restrictions, piling up on the bridge and preventing any pass-through. The Detroit International Bridge Company, which operates the Ambassador Bridge, stated that all lanes were open for traffic as of 11 pm Eastern time, yesterday. Although normal border processing has been resumed, the Canadian Border Services Agency stated that nonessential travel was not advised. Canadian police arrested protestors and towed vehicles to clear the bridge for passerby.

Protestors succeeded in blocking two-way bridge traffic since February 7, hoping to persuade governments in Canada to ease Covid-19 vaccine mandates and social restrictions. The reopening of the Ambassador bridge represents the end of the protest, which caused economic repercussions for North America. Many of the trucks involved in the demonstration were carrying goods and other valuable resources that were delayed from reaching their destinations. Although the bridge may have been cleared, protests continue in other cities such as Ottawa.

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