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Californian College Attacked with Ransomware

The Ohlone Community College District in California has been struck by a ransomware attack, disrupting faculty and students’ access to certain files. School officials stated that the private information of some staff, faculty, and students was compromised during the attack. Information compromised in the attack includes Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, dates of birth, medical information and bank account details. Other data that may have been accessed includes health insurance information student ID number, race/ethnicity, class list, course schedule, disciplinary file, grades, transcripts, and IEP or 504 plan information.

The student portal was down for 17 days as a result of the cyberattack and the school’s phone and email systems were shut down for 10 days. Ohlone Community College District boasts multiple campuses in the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay. It has locations in Fremont and Newark as well and serves roughly 16,000 students per year. The school released a statement confirming the attack, and the organization is still seeking to determine who’s information was access as well as the severity of the attack.

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