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Freedom Convoy: Canada trucker protests force car plant shutdowns

Ford and Toyota production is being disrupted in Canada due to trucker protests. The plants have been forced to shut down as two border points are being blocked by truckers protesting a vaccine mandate and car parts are being held up in the process. Canada’s Transport Minister called the blockage an illegal economic blockade and the disruption is estimated to cost $300m a day. 

Demonstrators waved Canadian flags and denounced Prime Minister Justin Trudeau while protesting that truckers entering Canada must be fully vaccinated against coronavirus. They also spoke out against Covid passports and mask requirements. The demonstrators are blocking the Ambassador Bridge, the largest international suspension bridge that carries about a quarter of US-Canada trade. Toyota has halted production at three factories in Ontario for the week. A Ford engine factory also halted output and Chrysler has seen parts shortages at its Ontario plant as well. The protests have been on going since last month, and car industry experts fear company layoffs and a possible increase in the price consumers pay for vehicles.

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