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Attackers Target Intuit Users by Threatening to Cancel Tax Accounts

Each year, tax season brings on a barrage of cybersecurity risks. This year, Intuit is being targeted via a phishing campaign that impersonates the popular accounting and tax-filing software to compromise customers. Intuit has warned its customers of the phishing campaign, which claims to close user accounts if they do not click on a malicious restoration link. The attacks on the tax company that thousands of people use to file US income tax forms comes as phishers are finding increasingly creative and convincing ways to trick users into downloading malware or submitting personal data.

Intuit posted a screenshot of one of the phishing emails on Thursday to alert its customers to the malicious attacks. The email claims to come from the Intuit Maintenance Team, and informs the recipient that his or her account has been temporarily disabled due to inactivity. The message claims that the account shutdowns are a result of security upgrades to the company’s servers, ironically claiming to fight against account theft and vulnerability ahead of the upcoming tax season. Users should be aware of the phishing campaign and are advised not to click any links embedded in emails.

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