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ECOWAS holds emergency summit after coups in West Africa

An emergency summit in the Ghaniain capital Accra is being held by West African leaders after a recent series of coups in the region. The talks were initiated after Burkina Faso became the third member of the Economic Community of West African States to be overtaken by the military in a coup. 

The Burkina Faso president was deposed amid public anger over his inability to handle violence by armed groups. Mali had the first coups in September 2020 and May 2021 and Guinea had a coup last September. The talks on Thursday come only days after the president of Guinea Bissau survived an attempted coup when assailants attacked the government palace. These tense situations has caused fears that efforts to steer ECOWAS to stability and democracy are not successful. The chairman of ECOWAS said the trend of the contagious coups must be contained. The talks will focus on emerging threats in the region.

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