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NATO Leaders Flock to Ukraine, Showing Support as Russia Masses Troops

Several Western leaders, foreign ministers, and presidents are scheduled to visit Kyiv in the next few days in a show of diplomatic activity designed to deter a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine and locate a peaceful way out of the crisis. A few Western countries plan to schedule weapons deliveries to Ukraine over the next several days. Both tactics intend to demonstrate solidarity with Kyiv as Moscow continues to build up its military capabilities at the border. Russian President Vladimir Putin has now installed more than 100,000 troops across the border of Ukraine in a show of capability and force that Washington has identified as a threat of imminent invasion. Moscow has denied any accusations of preparing for an invasion, however, it has stated that it does not tolerate Ukraine falling into the Western alliance’s orbit.

France and Germany are pursuing negotiations that could allow Putin a way to de-escalate the crisis. The strategy involves focusing on moves that advance the long-awaited Minsk-2 agreement on the role of the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. The agreement was signed in 2015, however, it has yet to be implemented. Among the foreign leaders scheduled to visit Ukraine this week are the prime minister of the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, and the President of Turkey. Foreign ministers from several countries, including Germany and France, will also visit Kyiv.

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