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Ukrainian soldier kills 5 in shooting rampage at military factory

On Thursday, Ukraine’s interior ministry confirmed that five people were shot dead and another five injured after a Ukrainian soldier opened fire at a military plant. The perpetrator was a Ukrainian National Guard service-member and was detained following the attack. The incident occurred at a state-owned machine building factory in the eastern city of Dnipro. There was no immediate motive for the shooting, according to the interior ministry. A commission will investigate what led to the soldier’s actions, as well as evaluate his mental health.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that doctors in the region are fighting to save those who were wounded in the attack. Updates are expected to come from law enforcement officers in the coming days to fully inform the public about the circumstances of the crime. The plant where the shooting took place works with Ukraine’s State Space Agency to produce rocket and airspace technology, including missile systems, and space launch vehicles. The attack comes amid high tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

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