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Cuba says more than 700 charged over anti-government protests

Cuban officials confirmed that more than 700 individuals who took part in anti-government protests last year have been charged with various crimes such as public disorder, theft, vandalism, and sedition. The public prosecutor’s office stated that 172 of the individuals had already been tried and convicted, however, no further details were offered. Families and activists have publicly condemned the trials, calling them unfair and stating that the sentences handed to the protestors were disproportionate. Hundreds of individuals were arrested after the protests, marking the largest government crackdown on demonstrations in decades.

Last July, protestors took to the streets to voice their anger over food and medicine shortages, price increases, and the government’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. The public prosecutor’s office statement is the first official confirmation of the trials. Most of the 700 individuals bring tried for involvement in the protest are being held in detention while they wait. The accused include individuals aged 16-18, as people in Cuba can be tried as adults from the age of 16.

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