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Ukraine warns Russia has ‘almost completed’ build-up of forces near border

Ukraine has warned that Russia is nearly finished with its build-up of forces on the border of the two countries. The military buildup could be used for an offensive against Ukraine, exacerbating fears that Moscow could launch an invasion at any time. Russia has now deployed more than 127,000 troops to the region, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intelligence assessment. The full strength of the military buildup includes 106,000 personnel on land with an additional several thousand servicemen in the  land and sea components.

Ukraine stated that it believes Russia is attempting to weaken the European Union and Nato in its military endeavors. In addition, the country may be seeking to limit the capabilities of the US. The assessment was announced after three rounds of diplomatic talks between Russia and the West aimed at de-escalating the crisis at the Ukrainian border failed to procure a resolution. It is unclear what Russia’s goals were during the talks but they may have been using the failure to claim diplomacy does not work. The recent Ukrainian military intelligence found that Russia has deployed troops from its central and eastern regions to the western border, as well has transported stockpiles of ammunition, erected field hospitals, and added security services to the border.

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