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Former Israeli PMs Netanyahu and Olmert face off in court in libel case

Two former Israeli prime ministers are facing off in court in Tel Aviv in a defamation suit filed against Ehud Olmert by Benjamin Netanyahu and his family. Mr Netanyahu and his family are suing Mr Olmert for $269,000 in damages after Mr Olmert made a claim that they were mentally ill in two TV interviews last April. Mr Olmert claims to have just been stating an opinion and that the statement was not libel because it was true. 

Mr Olmert stated that the family behaved in ways that were seen as abnormal and crazy and that the prime minister, his wife and son have a mental illness. Mr Olmert refused to retract his statements despite being warned that he may be sued. Mr Olmert was the first former Israeli prime minister to be arrested after being convicted of bribery, fraud, breach of trust and obstructing trials in 2014. Mr Netanyahu also stood trial for bribery, fraud, and breach of trust after his 12-year hold of power ended when opposition parties united against him. Mr Netanyahu lost his power last June.

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