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This Dubai restaurant is using tech to stop seafood fraud

After studies showed that a decrease in fish quality was on the rise, one restaurant in Dubai has capitalized on technology that helps their customers learn the provenance of their seafood while they dine. A 2019 study conducted by Oceana found that lower-value fish was often served in place of high quality seafood in restaurants in the US. One in five fishes tested in restaurants and markets was mislabeled, according to the study’s findings. Consumers could be tricked into paying double price for wild-caught salmon and unknowingly be served the farm equivalent.

Diners at Rockfish in Dubai receive a QR code with their order that directs them to a web page detailing when and where their fish was caught, how it was transported, ad provides certifications to verify that it was sustainably sourced as promised. The kitchen’s executive sous chef warned of fake product or naming on menus around the world, and described how technology was helping Rockfish serve its customers the best quality seafood. The program providing the seafood tracking, Seafood Soug, stated that it supplies technology and tools needed for restaurants to make sustainable purchases.

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