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Myanmar Military Attack Kills Dozens, Including Children, Aid Group Says

On Saturday, at least 38 people were killed in an attack by Myanmar’s military in the Kayah state, located in the east. The region has seen a lot of violence lately, with resistance groups fighting forces from the junta. International aid group Save the Children were involved in the attack after two of its workers heading home for the holidays after conducting humanitarian efforts came under attack. Their vehicle was ambushed, and military forces allegedly dragged victims out of their cars. Save the Children reported that some were arrested, others were killed, and others were let go. In total, roughly 38 people were killed, including women and children. Save the Children’s workers who were traveling home for the holidays remain unaccounted for.

The Southeast Asian country has been wracked with violence since early this year, when military forces launched a coup and seized control of the government. Since then, the country’s former democratically elected leaders have been suppressed, arrested, and worse while the military has made uncorroborated claims of election fraud. The military has waged campaigns against rebel groups in many regions of the country and hundreds have been killed due to law enforcement’s use of force and weapons against peaceful protestors.

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