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Boeing and Airbus warn US over 5G safety concerns

Executives at Boeing and Airbus have asked the US government to delay the rollout of 5G phone services as they claim the technology could have a very negative impact on the aviation industry. There are concerns the C-Band spectrum 5G wireless could interfere with aircraft electronics. US companies AT&T and Verizon are due to deploy their 5G services on January 5. 

The aviation companies say 5G interference could cause the aircraft to be unable to safely operate. A trade group Airlines for America found that if 5G rules had been in effect in 2019, 345,000 passenger flights and 5,400 cargo flights would have had delays, diversions or cancellations. The US Federal Aviation Administration has also raised concerns about interference of 5G and sensitive aircraft equipment, for instance, radio altitude meters. A proposal to mitigate risks has been submitted to the US Department of Transportation for consideration. AT&T and Verizon delayed the launch of 5G wireless until January 5th to adopt precautionary measures to limit interference, however aviation industry groups say these measures did not go far enough.

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