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Brazilian Ministry of Health hit by second cyberattack in less than a week

Brazil’s Ministry of Health has suffered from a second attack in less than a week. The attack compromised a slew of internal systems, including the platform that holds Covid-19 vaccination data called ConecteSUS. The ministry announced the second cyberattack just three days after the first one was reported. The department was still recovering from the first attack when the second attack hit on Monday. The latest event was smaller than the initial attack, according to health minister Marcelo Queiroga. Currently, the department is working on restoring its systems. Since the attack impacted ConecteSUS, Covid-19 vaccine certificates were not available as of today as originally planned.

Brazil’s health minister clarified that the second attack had been unsuccessful and that no data had been compromised. However, it did significantly impact the department’s ability to bring its systems back online from the first attack. Civil servants had to be sent home on Monday due to the attack’s impact on the ministry’s core systems. Employees were unable to access certain platforms critical to their work. The Brazilian government also confirmed Monday night that new attacks against cloud-based systems run by government bodies had taken place. It did not clarify which departments or services had been targeted and added that teams are being instructed to use best practices around incident management.

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