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Seven dead as rescuers find bodies in Sicily blast

At least seven individuals have died after a blast in Siciliy destroyed four residential buildings on Saturday evening. The explosion also forced over 100 people out of their homes in the town of Ravanusa, Sicily. Rescue teams are still searching for individuals said to be missing after pulling four bodies from the buildings this morning. The blast was likely caused by a gas explosion, according to Italian officials. Authorities also confirmed that four houses collapsed and an additional three were damaged in the blast, which could be heard as far as four miles away. Among those dead is Selene Pascariello, a young nurse who was nine months pregnant.

Rescue teams are using sniffer dogs to locate any survivors or casualties. Fire service spokesman Luca Cari stated that the rubble would be removed piece by piece to prevent any unnecessary risk to rescue teams and people still under the rubble. On Sunday morning, two people were pulled out of the wreckage alive. Due to the security risks, 100 individuals residing in the neighboring homes have been moved out of the area. Although a gas leak is suspected, Italian authorities are conducting an investigation into the blast. Residents reported a strong smell of gas in the area for days before the explosion.

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