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Coast guard investigating role of alcohol in Baltic Sea ship crash

The Swedish Coast Gaurd is allegedly investigating whether alcohol was a factor in a cargo ship crash that occurred this morning in the Baltic Sea. According to the Coast Gaurd, additional criminal suspicions have arisen in their initial investigation, including gross negligence and sea intoxication. During the collision, one ship capsized and two individuals are still missing. Initial rescue efforts consist of several helicopters and ten boats. The at-sea component of the search and rescue operation has since been halted, according to the coast guard. The capsized ship has been towed to shallow waters so it can be searched for survivors or casualties.

It is unlikely that the two missing individuals could have survived for an extended period of time in the frigid waters, however, they could be inside the ship and alive in an air pocket located in the hull. The ships collided between the Swedish town of Ystad and the Danish Island of Bornholm at 3:30 Central European Time. The incident occurred in Swedish territorial waters and both vessels were headed in the same direction, according to local reports. The capsized ship was the Danish-flagged Karin Hoej. The boat was not carrying any goods at the time of the crash and was operating with a reduced crew. The other vessel appears to be in operational condition.

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