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Hotel Guests Locked Out of Rooms After Ransomware Attack

Last week, a popular Scandinavian hotel chain warned that a ransomware attack rendered its key system unusable. The attack may have also led to the theft of sensitive or personal information related to bookings. The hotel is a chain called Nordic Choice and operates 200 locations across the region, with brands such as Clarion, Quality, and Comfort. Nordic Choice stated that the ransomware attack occurred last Thursday and impacted the hotel systems that manage reservations, check-in, check-out, and room access. Hotel staff reportedly had to escort guests to their rooms to manually let them in because key cards were unusable.

Guests of the hotel took to social media to describe the impact of the attack. On Monday, Nordic Choice failed to mention the issue with room keys as described by its customers, however, it revealed that the Conti ransomware was to blame. Conti has been responsible for high-profile attacks against Ireland’s Health Service Executive and Broward County Public Schools in the US. Nordic Choice claims to have put replacement solutions in place at most of its hotels to maintain operations following the attack. The company stated that its investigation did not indicate that data had been leaked, however, it was unable to fully guarantee that this is the case.

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