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Cuba cracks down on dissent ahead of protest march

The organiser of pro-democracy rallies planned for later today (Monday) has been blocked from leaving his home by Cuban state security agents. The home of Yunior García and other leading activists were surrounded on Saturday by security forces. The ruling communist party claimed the protests are a US-backed attempt at overthrowing the government and have been banned. Unauthorized public gatherings are illegal in Cuba and participants risk being jailed. Scores of people were arrested in July after illegal protests. 

In the wake of the July protests, Mr García created a group on facebook that sought official permission to organize peaceful demonstrations in Havana and other cities. Permission was denied, but protestors are insisting the demonstrations will occur as planned. The people are insisting they show their exhaustion with communist rule. Mr Garcïa was blocked from leaving his home. His internet connection was disrupted and he was blocked from communicating out of his window. Journalists were also told not to leave their homes on monday and some journalists have had their press credentials withdrawn by the Cuban government.

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