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Back-to-Back PlayStation 5 Hacks Hit on the Same Day

A pair of recent PlayStation 5 breaches have proven that the consoles do not have protection from attackers taking over basic functions. Cyberattackers reportedly stole PS5 root keys and were able to exploit the kernel. This reveals that gaming devices may contain poor security measures, leaving users vulnerable to attacks. Both exploits were posted to Twitter on November 7 without disclosure to Sony or specifics, however, they may signal future security problems to come for the popular gaming company.

The group that posted the first breach goes by the name FailOverFlow and has earned a reputation as a prolific PlayStation jailbreaking group. The group initially posted a tweet that appeared to contain PS5 firmware symmetric root keys. The second hack was released on Twitter by Google security engineer Andy Nguyen. Nguyen was allegedly able to access the PlayStation 5 “debug settings” menu, meaning that he has a PS5 kernel exploit. “But it can be enabled on retail consoles by patching some flags, located at specific addresses in the firmware at Runtime,” according to Wololo’s the Guardian. Both of the breaches could allow threat actors to install pirated games, run emulators, and more criminal activity, according to researchers.

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