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Researchers Uncover Prolific Hacker-for-Hire Group

Trend Micro has been tracking a prolific hacker-for-hire group referred to as Void Balaur for several years. The group goes by the name “Rockethack” on underground forums, according to the research firm. The group is a Russian-speaking cyber mercenary that is responsible for at least 3500 victims over the past six years. The group has been advertising itself on underground forums since 2018 and boasts 100% positive reviews. Void Balaur focuses on compromising email and social media accounts and selling sensitive personal and financial information such as passenger flight records, banking data, and passport details.

The group targets a wide array of organizations, ranging from Russian telcos to ATM vendors, medical insurers, financial services firms, and IVF clinics. The organizations targeted host lucrative and sensitive information that can later be sold by the hacking group. The group charges over $800 for phone call records with cell tower locations. The group also targets politicians, scientists, human rights activists, journalists, and more individuals. According to Trend Micro, the group typically uses phishing and malware as its main tools to compromise systems.

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