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US Blacklists Pegasus Spyware Maker

The US has blacklisted NSO Group, the company behind the harmful and invasive Pegasus spyware. Pegasus has been linked to cyberattacks against dissents, activists, and NGOs. The notorious, military-grade software has been banned in the US and NSO Group has been added to the US Commerce Department’s “Entity List” on Wednesday, becoming the fourth spyware developer to join the list. The list is used to restrict companies thought to pose a risk to the US’s national security or foreign policy.

Candiru, another Israeli company, was added to the list as well. Candiru sells DevilsTongue surveillance malware to governments across the world and was founded by engineers who had left NSO. The State Department revealed some more detail as to why the two companies were added, stating that the pair developed and supplied spyware that was later used to maliciously target unknowing individuals. The third entity added to the trade ban was Russia’s Positive Technologies, which was sanctioned in April.

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