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Sixty-nine killed in attack in southwest Niger, says government

A wave of violence against citizens of Niger now includes an attack in a remote area of southwest Niger where gunmen killed 69 people, including a mayor. A delegation held by the mayor of Banibangou was attacked on Tuesday near the border with Mali. The area is teeming with militants associated with the local affiliate of Islamic State that has killed hundreds of civilians this year. 15 people survived the attack and a search operation is underway. 

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. The arid zone of West Africa that includes the borderlands of Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso as armed groups seek to establish control over communities. Some of the armed groups are linked to Al Qaeda and they wish to rid the area of local and international military forces. Millions of civilians have been displaced and thousands have been killed. Islamist group shave killed more than 530 people in attacks on civilians this year before Tuesday’s attack. The militants frequently target mayors, village chiefs and religious elders to destabilize communities. Hundreds of these officials have been killed or abducted since 2018.

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