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ICC to probe Venezuela over alleged crimes against humanity

Venezuela will be investigated by the International Criminal Court to determine if crimes against humanity were committed in 2017 during crackdowns on anti-government protests. Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said the country respects the decision to investigate. More than 100 people died during the crackdown on protests in 2017. 

The protests in 2017 began after the Supreme Court in Venezuela dissolved the opposition-dominated National Assembly. Venezuela’s government and opposition want the ICC to investigate alleged crimes committed by their opponents. Juan Guaidó, Venezuela’s opposition leader who claims to be the interim president, welcomes the investigation. Human Rights Watch says the investigation offers a path to justice for families of the victims. 150 police and military members have been charged or sentenced for human rights violations in 2017 after a preliminary investigation in 2018. The opposition claims these prosecutions were an effort to avoid an ICC probe.

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