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Taiwanese President Confirms U.S. Troop Deployment on Island

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has publicly acknowledged the presence of US troops in Taiwan describing the deployment as part of broader defense cooperation with the US. Ms. Tsai also confirmed the presence in an interview earlier this month, stating that a small contingent of Marines and a special-operations unit had been training with Taiwanese forces. Ms. Tsai did not clarify the number of US service members in the territory, however, she did state that it was less than people think.

Ms. Tsai said that Taiwan has a wide range of cooperation with the US that aims to increase Taiwan’s defense capability. The deployment of US troops to the island may signal growing concern over the island’s vulnerability amid China’s military buildup and other actions perceived as threatening to its sovereignty and national security. Taiwanese lawmakers have expressed concerns over how prepared Taiwan’s military is for a possible Chinese attack.

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