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Conti Group Leak Celebs’ Data After Ransom Attack on Jeweller

Data on numerous celebrities and political figures appear to have been compromised by ransomware threat actors after a group using the Conti variant compromised a high-end jeweler called Graff over the weekend. Graff is based in London and caters to the super-rich, boasting a long list of high-profile clients. The company has confirmed the attack, however, it claimed that the cyberattack was limited in scope.

Graff stated that it was alerted to the intrusive activity via security systems that allowed them to quickly shut down its network. The company also claimed to be working with relevant law enforcement agencies and the ICO to mitigate the effects of the attack. The group reportedly released tens of thousands of documents, including customer invoices, on its dark web leak site. The data currently exposed is not thought to be a serious privacy risk to the victims, however, the cyber criminals claim to have more sensitive information used as leverage to force ransom payment.

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