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Luxury hotel chain in Thailand reports data breach

A luxury hotel chain in Thailand, Centara Hotels and Resorts, has reported a cyberattack in which personal information pertaining to customers was breached. The hotel chain reportedly detected the attack on October 14. Centara Hotels and Resorts launched an investigation into the matter, discovering that a third party had accessed customer data including ID photos, home addresses, email addresses, names, booking information, and phone numbers. The company did not say if the ID information included passports.

While the investigation remains ongoing, the hotel chain urged customers to change their passwords as soon as possible and be wary of any potential phishing scams. The Desorden Group has claimed responsibility for the attack, following two recent attacks on laptop maker Acer. Desorden also claims to have breached the servers of Central Group, which owns Centara Hotels and Resorts and more than 2,000 restaurants across the country. That breach allegedly involved 80GB of data, including personal information of customers and business details of each restaurant.

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