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Iran to Return to Nuclear Deal Talks in Vienna Next Month

By the end of November, Iran will return to nuclear talks. This sparks hope that the 2015 nuclear deal will be revived. There has been a five-month hiatus in talks that allowed Tehran’s new government to press ahead with its nuclear program. The accord would strictly, albeit temporarily, constrain Iran’s nuclear work in return for lifting sanctions. U.S. and European officials are cautious about the potential agreements on the steps that the U.S. and Iran would have to take to restore the agreement.

In order to revive the deal, Iran would need to eliminate a lot of its stockpile of nuclear fuel and stop the work it is doing on technologies that could be used to produce nuclear weapons. The United States must undo many of the sanctions imposed on Iran in May 2018  by the Trump administration. Steps to increase the economic and diplomatic pressure can be taken, according to people close to the talks, should Iran not seriously engage in negotiations. On Wednesday, Iranian Foreign Minister said Iran would not resume negotiations from where they left off, indicating that Iran would want to renegotiate issues that have already been discussed.

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