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Grief Ransomware Targets NRA

The Grief ransomware group claims to have stolen data from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and has posted files on its leak site. The ransomware gang has ties to Russian APT Evil Corp. The NRA is a controversial American gun-rights group. The NRA has refused to comment on the situation, however, Grief updated its list of successful attacks to name the NRA as a victim. Emsisoft accessed the post as well as screenshots of Excel spreadsheets containing US tax information and investments amounts on the leak site. Grief also allegedly posted a 2.7MB zip file called “National Grants.” Grief claims that the archive contains NRA grant applications.

The NRA, a civil rights group that seeks to protect Americans’ second amendment rights, has been under political criticism for years from opposition parties due to its refusal to cooperate with measures to curtail gun violence. The NRA is known in the US for its stance against gun control laws despite increasing firearm-related crime and mortality rates. The NRA has not commented on Grief’s claims. The organization did post a statement on its Twitter account stating that it does not discuss matters relating to its physical or electronic security.

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