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Iran gas stations reportedly hit by massive cyberattack

On Tuesday, Iran state media reported malfunctioning gas stations across Iran allegedly due to a massive cyberattack. Although there are some details that remain unclear, the gas station malfunctions are likely the result of a cyberattack. It is unclear which group was responsible for the attack, but it is likely that the US, Israel, or local Iranian anti-regime groups are responsible. According to reports, some systems displayed messages confirming that they were hacked. Some of the messages addressed Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei directly, asking where the gas was.
The attack comes two years after gas shortages prompted nationwide protests in 2019. State media reported that technical experts were working to fix the issue and mitigate the risks and effects of the cyberattack. The Oil Ministry stated that only sales with smart cards were suspected. Cheaper, rationed gasoline was distributed and clients were still able to purchase fuel at higher rates. Last week, Iran conducted a complex and coordinated strike on US forces in Syria, deploying five armed drones to attack a key strategic point near the Jordan-Iraq border. Some speculate that the cyberattack was in response to the drone strike.

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