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DiploFoundation Develops Simulated Cyber-Attack Game

Non-profit educational foundation DiploFoundation has teamed up with Kasperky to create a cybersecurity game that simulates what happens in a cyberattack. The game is based on the Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation. The program was developed with the intention of aiding professionals who lack a technical background in understanding how cyberattacks unfold, with the goal of helping users become better equipped to address a cyberattack effectively. Players are assigned the role of a diplomat in the game. Threat actors in the simulation are targeting the UN First Committee, an organization that handles matters of international security and peace.

During the game, players are able to make decisions and collect pieces of the technical puzzle. Depending on the player’s choices, they are either led to the most accurate technical analysis of the attack or a situation of cyber-instability. DiploFoundation stated that it is important for diplomats to understand cybersecurity due to the nature of their work and the importance of cybersecurity readiness in today’s world.

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