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Tesco App and Website Back Online After Cyber Incident

Tesco’s systems are reportedly back online following a cyberattack that forced it to temporarily disable its groceries app and website. The disruption lasted a week and prompted criticism from dissatisfied customers across the UK. Some customers stated that the week-long outage caused significant problems as they were self-isolating at home. Tesco’s app went down on Saturday local time, but was back up and running at midnight Sunday.

A spokesperson for Tesco blamed the cybersecurity incident on a third party, however, the company claimed that customer data was not impacted or accessed. Tesco released a statement during the outage confirming that it was working hard to fully restore all services. The cyberattack against Tesco might have caused the UK-based grocer a large sum of money as digital sales comprise an increasingly large share of revenue due to work-from-home initiatives and Covid-19.

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