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Government Agents Compromise REvil Backups to Force Group Offline

US authorities have allegedly forced the REvil ransomware group online in the latest offensive against ransomware. However, experts have warned that the move could lead to repercussions for former breach victims. Former officials and cybersecurity experts confirmed that an international law enforcement operation was responsible for taking down REvil’s data leak site titled “Happy Blog” a few days ago. The operation also managed to compromise and access some of the group’s backup so that if it restarted shortages, law enforcement officials already had access to the pages.

Official sources have declined to comment on the situation. The White House has been putting pressure on ransomware actors after a series of damaging attacks such as that on the Colonial Pipeline in May, which was conducted by the REvil-linked DarkSide group. REvil and its affiliates were also responsible for the massive supply chain attack on Kaseya that affected hundreds of other organizations. In April, the DoJ Ransomware and Digital Extortion Task Force were created with the intent to treat cyberattack offenses as the US would terrorist attacks.

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